About Us

At Cleveland Wirecloth, knowledge, skill, and experience come together under one roof. Our history of excellence in the weaving and fabricating of industrial wire cloth dates back to our founding in 1914, using only the highest quality raw materials and skilled craftsmanship in our expansive manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. We partner with companies across various industries to create wire mesh and wire cloth that meets their applications’ exacting specifications - on time and within budget. Contact us to experience the difference that Cleveland Wirecloth's precision and commitment can make for your wire cloth needs.



Our dedication extends to continuous improvement, empowering every team member to enhance our quality management system for the satisfaction of our customers. With a focus on total customer satisfaction, we deliver world-class products and services that surpass expectations in terms of quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness. Employing advanced technology for Positive Material Identification, our quality department ensures rigorous inspection and traceability of materials.